Chem-Sustain Lesson Challenge!

Lessons for Learning Chemistry in a Sustainability Rich Context

Submission Requirements and Guidelines

The Challenge: In the spirit of cross-cultural collaboration we invite chemical education researchers to form a team consisting of at least one US American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Chemical Education member and one researcher/instructor from outside the US to design an engaging lesson plan that explores general chemistry concepts through the context of sustainability.

Lesson Due Date: January 15, 2016

Contact, for any issues and questions. Please label the email – Chem-Sustain Lesson Challenge

We are modeling our guidelines after a similar lesson plan competition organized by Teachers without Borders.1 In keeping with their guidelines we ask that your lesson not be a lecture. We encourage your plans to include hands-on activities with problem solving engagement and interactive discussions with a technology component infused to enhance the quality of the lesson experience. The overall competition objective is to create valuable resources that can be used by other instructors in many cultural settings.

Your lesson plan submission must consist of four documents:

  1. Information about the research team.
  2. Lesson Overview – must address the importance of the sustainability context and the way that technology is being infused into the lesson.
  3. * A clear statement of learning objectives for the lesson.
  4. Lesson Plan – Description of the lesson in its entirety.
  5. Instructor’s Guide – Information necessary to execute the lesson
  6. * Plans to disseminate your lesson, in addition to the ACS conference (see “The Prize”)

Important Guidance to Consider:

·         The submitted lesson is NOT a lecture.

·         The lesson presents chemistry concept(s) in an interesting sustainability context that helps students consider the global nature of sustainability. Think of sustainability in broad terms – relating to the fit between humans and our habitat. The lesson should be one that can be implemented in a typical learning environment of 50 to 60 minutes.

·         The lesson involves technology in engaging and meaningful ways that may assist students in understanding the nature of science and/or its connection to human impacts on a global scale.

·         The target audience should be students in general chemistry courses at the college level. (You may provide further clarification if you wish the lesson to be targeted toward a specific type of course, such as General Chemistry for Science and Engineering Majors, or Introductory Chemistry for nursing majors or non-science majors).

·         The lesson needs to open with a segment that excites the interest of both teachers and students.

·         The lesson must provide challenging and thought-provoking activities that involve students from all countries represented by the research team.

THE PRIZE:  All lessons will be posted online and freely accessible to all contestants and guests. The team that submits the most innovative lesson plan will receive a $1500 travel award to attend the 2016 ACS National Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (August 21-25, 2016) to share their innovative lessons at a DivCHED symposium or poster session.

Due Date: January 15, 2016

Complete your lesson plan using the template provided. Save this to your computer, upload your lesson by clicking on "Choose File" button to find your lesson documents from your computer and then click on "Upload your Lesson" button to complete the uploading process. If you have any issues or question please contact Resa Kelly at

Select your Lesson files to upload:


1. %20for%20Space%20Interactive%20Lesson%20Plan_v3.0.pdf.